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Company History


The Best is Yet to Come!


Gaskets Unlimited was born in the early 2000’s as a result of PM inspections on refrigeration equipment.  At that time the gasket business was small at best and was not on the radar of the health inspectors.  Working with a single table top welder and a couple boxes of material, GU went into business.

Over the next couple of years, as the number of estimates grew, so did the number of estimates that were approved. Slowly the business grew, finally becoming a money maker on its own with 2 welders and a small team. In 2010, the leaders of what is now GU, looked ahead and saw a vision of what GU is today, and launched GU into the wholesale stratosphere. Landing Johnstone Supply as its first major account, the gates opened up and the core of the business was born. United Refrigeration, Baker Distributing and several others soon followed.

In 2011, a full time sales person was brought on and a new vision was seen. Major National Accounts soon followed, as well as a select group of contractors with major presence in the Supermarket industry. Quickly, GU discovered the real opportunity lied in the Supermarket business as there are so many doors. Direction changed, and a second salesperson was brought on in 2014.

2017 is now here and GU is poised to bring on more National Accounts and expand its sights on the OEM and National Supermarket chains. Not only selling gaskets, but door hardware, strip curtains, and more.