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Let Us Identify Your Gasket!


A Picture Says a Thousand Words

We're confident we can identify the profile of your gasket by seeing pictures of it. This page shows what pictures we need! An up-close picture of the outside of your gasket is one of the easiest pictures to take, but we need other pictures along with this one to identify your profile!



We need to know how the gasket is mounted to the door (push-in, screw-in, snap-in, etc). For push-in gaskets with a dart, you can pull up the corner of the gasket from the door so we can get a good look at how it mounts.


To aid us in identifying the location of the magnet and bellows, we need a picture of the corner of the gasket looking straight on.



If you're willing to cut your gasket, this is the best picture you could send us. A cross section of the profile shows us everything!