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Our flagship product!  Gaskets Unlimited manufactures all of our gaskets in our state of the art facility here in Georgia.  We will guarantee that the fit, magnet strength, welds, and all other components of a high quality gasket meet your expectations.  You can search by custom made gaskets or by our OEM quality gaskets.  Click here to find out more.



At Gaskets Unlimited, we only supply you with the highest quality parts.  Offering both name brand and generic options, you always know that you will get exactly what you need, at the best possible value!  We are a distributor of Kason, Component Hardware, and Premco parts, just to name a few.  Click here to find out more.


Strip Curtains

Made in house, our strip curtain sets are some of the simplest and easiest to install options for lowering your energy bill. Wether you need a ready-to-go kit, an extra bracket, or individual strips, GU has you covered!  Click here to find out more.


Cutting Boards

Using only the best High Density Polyethelyne and Richlite materials, we craft all of our cutting boards exactly to your specifications. We offer ServSafe colored boards, over-sized boards, and CNC work as well, making sure that no matter what board you need, Gaskets Unlimited can deliver!  Click here to find out more.


Heater Wire

A frosty door is not a happy door! There is hardly a more frusterating experience than trying to prep in the morning and your walk-in door is frozen shut. At Gaskets Unlimited we cut all of our heater wires to your specs using either fiberglass or aluminum materials.  Click here to find out more.