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You Get What You Pay For

Since its founding in 2001, Gaskets Unlimited has proudly manufactured its products on American soil using American-made raw materials.  Gaskets Unlimited supports the Made in America Movement for the following reasons:


Creates Jobs

When Americans spend US dollars on products made in America it creates American jobs.  Job creation is the foundation of a thriving economy!


Reduces Our Carbon Footprint

Believe it or not, most products manufactured in China actually start their life as raw materials in the USA.  They're shipped overseas to be made and then shipped back to the USA for distribution.  This shipping back and forth creates unnecessary petroleum usage and emissions.


Supports Safe/Fair Working Conditions

Buying American-made products supports American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.  Many countries overseas have little or no regulations for labor regulations.  This results in unsafe and inhuman working conditions including but not limited to long hours, child labor, no or very low minimum wages.


Supports the U.S. Economy

Buying American-made products means the money stays here in the US, boosting our economy.  When you purchase American-made, your dollars are put to work for you.  Plus, American workers pay taxes on the wages they earn further helping grow our economy.


Ensures Safe, Quality Products

Buying goods made in America means you can rest assured that those products comply with American consumer protection laws and safety standards.